Growing Bengals One Purr at a Time.

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Bengals look like miniature leopards.  I consider them the more interactive type of cat.  They want to be part of your life and want you to be part of their’s.  My bengals help me with everything.  No matter what I am doing, they have to be in the middle of it, making sure I’m having fun.

One of the best things about them, is that I am not allergic to them.  I’ve had guests in my house that are very allergic to cats, but they do not have reactions to my bengals.

We offer brown(black) rosetted and the occasional black sheet marble and soon will be offering snows.

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We are a small cattery offering well socialized bengal kittens in North East Wisconsin.  Raised under foot in the house.

NEWS BREAK:  The new book is out.

The continuation of the adventures of Paxine and her bengal, Tache.

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Available in paperback and kindle.

Enter in a discount code for $1 off the book price.  See the Spotted Tails page for details.

Odin - a designer kitten to match the throw blanket or was the blanket matched to the kitten?